Introducing Newfangled Audio: First Two Plugins + Giveaway In Collaboration With Eventide

Newfangled Audio is a new company, created by Eventide’s coding wizard Dan Gillespie, one of the designers behind popular plug-ins such as Blackhole and H910 (see our interview with Dan Gillespie).

The company just announced its first two software plugins, EQuivocate e Elevate.

EQuivocate is a powerful and precise EQ perfect for mixing and mastering. EQuivocate uses filters which are modeled on the human ear. Each of the 26 critical bands tickles a different part of your inner ear, making any combination of settings sound as natural as possible. Combining this with a linear-phase filter shape that reduces pre-echo makes EQuivocate an EQ with a difference you can hear.

See EQuivocate in action here:

Elevate is a multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ, and powerful audio maximizer that increases the loudness of your mix while maintaining or improving the musicality. It uses intelligent, adaptive technology that responds in real time to your music; creating not only the loudest, but the best sounding master.

To celebrate Eventide’s collaboration with Newfangled Audio, they are hosting a free plug-in giveaway.

Pricing & Availability:
EQuivocate: Available September 19th
FREE until October 31st (MSRP $99) – Get EQuivocate here!

Elevate: Available October 3rd
$99 (MSRP $199) Sale ends October 31st. FYI: If you have EQuivocate you pay $79! So just by downloading the free plug-in, you will save an additional $20 from the intro price.
Sale ends October 31st.

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