Detroit Electro: 1GB Of Sounds Inspired By The Motor City Pioneers

Our friends at UNDRGRND Sounds are ready to take you on a futuristic trip with a collection of genre-defining sounds, inspired by Motor City pioneers such as Drexciya, AUX 88 and Omar-S.

Packed with classic machine grooves, funk-injected basslines, deep soundscapes, dream-driven analogue arps and authentic vocoder vox abound in this killer collection of loops, MIDI and one-shots for the true underground heads!

Drum Loops: Punchy drumbox beats and retro-future electronic breaks packed with classic 808/909/707 and other hardware-sourced drum hits. All beats come with full mixes and associated stems for pure beat bliss.

Bass Loops & Hits: Serious analogue funk! 808-tweaked loops, jacked mono-synths, funky analogue licks and more. All key-labeled and served with MIDI as standard. There’s also a bonus folder of bass one-shots for custom bassline action.

Arp Loops: Futuristic arpeggiated synth motifs in the classic electro vein. Key-labeled and offered in two versions for added flexibility.

Synth Loops & Stabs: Deep space leads, dystopian chords, glassy synths and more: raw analogue synth melodics dripping with inspiration. All served with MIDI and key-labeled as standard. Bonus folder of synth stabs for custom chords and pads.

Tops Loops: Jittery percussion and kick-free loops crafted from analogue and digital drum boxes.

Acid Loops: Authentic acid in an instant: killer acid lines for those dark electro trax. Presented with MIDI and key-labeled as standard.

Vox Loops: 125 haunting and menacing vocodered vocal phrases oozing with Detroit, techno, space and underwater references.

FX: Spacey lazers, analogue bleeps and galactic transmissions.

Drum Hits: Killer retro-flavoured drum kits and 3 custom drum kits for instant beat making action.

Pricing & Availability:
Get it now for £29.95 at the UNDRGRND Sounds website.

If you need more information or want to take a listen to some demos first, we’ll take you there.

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