Copper Traces Seek – Instant Gratification Eurorack Sequencer

If you’re looking for a Eurorack sequencer that is fun to use, without much menu diving (if at all) and compact, the Copper Traces SEEK ticks all the boxes.

SEEK is a Roland SH-101 inspired 64 step CV/gate sequencer with legato and an accent output. The easy to use yet compact interface allows for quick sequencing of complex, carefully crafted melodies. The multipurpose reset input, multiple pattern options and algorithmically controlled randomness make it perfect for completely or partially generative patterns.

Oh, SEEK also happens to be pretty affordable (a big plus in our Eurorack book). It’s available for a MSRP of $299 through the company’s dealers.
You can read more about it on the Copper Traces website.

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