Audio Damage Replicant 2 Lands On iOS

Back in the days we had great fun with the original Replicant plugin from Audio Damage and we’re happy to see it just landed on the iOS platform.
If you’re familiar with the original plugin, Replicant 2 is exactly what you expect: a cool and intuitive interface for all the crazy stuttering, glitchy sounds you need (and then some!)

As the Audio Damage team points out, Replicant 2 is a tempo-based effect, and requires a host that provides transport information.
A standalone application is supplied, but it requires an Inter-App Audio connection to a host with a transport to work. We strongly advise using the (identical) AUv3 instead. BeatMaker 3 and AUM worked great in our experience, but all AU hosts should (including Garageband).

Highly recommended if you’re into IDM and complex electronic sounds. I mean, for $4.99 this is a must-have for all iPad musicians (it runs on iPhone too, but the interface might be a bit too small).

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