C3n loops – A Unique Looping Tool, Now Easier Than Ever To Use In A Live Rig – (VIDEO)

Last year, in our c3n loops review we praised this looping app for its unique design – ‘when the regimented rows of square loop triggers are getting you down, use C3n to explore brave new worlds, far off galaxies of sound…’.

With the latest update, it is now easier than ever to use in a live rig. The app features Ableton Link, Midi sync and Audio bus integration.

C3n loops ($10.99) is a live looper with a unique user interface built for touch and live performance. The app displays all your loops on an infinite surface with no boundaries.

This enables you to mix anything with everything. Automatic tempo detection and tempo matching ensures that everything stays in sync.

What Can I Do With c3n loops?

You can use this app as a loop player for your live sets, to act as backing tracks for your synths and drum-machines or to act as an extra creative tool to complement record players.

Also, it can be a great remix tool, with a very different workflow from more traditional looping apps (which can lead to some interesting experiments!).

C3n loops makes it easy to import your own loops, explore and arrange them in an entirely new way.

To see the app in action check out this video:

If you’re not sure this is the right app for you, just download c3n play one, the free ‘light version’ of c3n loops from the appstore and try it for yourself!

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