Wanna Sound Like (Ehm…) Drake, Rihanna, Bieber or Madonna? Here’s A Free GalaXynth Soundbank

I know, these names are not the kind of references you find here at ANR, but we’re quite open-minded and this sounded fun so, why not?

Heart of Noise software has just released a new free soundbank “Pop Stars Vol 1” for its workstation synth plugin, GalaXynth.

These are not samples, but synthesis models matched to the vocal qualities of 6 huge pop stars: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, Drake, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

Now you can shamelessly borrow their sound, or combine them with each other and other sounds using GalaXynth’s unique morphing technology.

The following tracks are all made with 100% GalaXynth — every sound and every effect is from GalaXynth, with no editing (just some peak limiting on the master).

Download Pop Stars Vol 1 now for free at the Heart of Noise website.

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