Tips: How To Remove The Hi-Hat From Any Loop With VolumeShaper 5

We recently partnered with Cableguys for our ShaperBox bundle giveaway, and today the German company released a new tutorial/tips video for VolumeShaper, one of the plugins included in this bundle.

This is a super-effective method for removing hi-hats from any drum loop in under 1 minute!

In the video, a preset wave shape is used to isolate the hi-hat, then the curve is precisely fine-tuned to focus tightly on the hat.

The curve is then flipped upside down, so everything *except* the hi-hat is now audible. The multiband and mix features are used to blend the low-end groove back in, and set the overall hi-hat level respectively.

With the hi-hat removed completely, it’s easy to add a new hi-hat to the beat, to create your own custom groove.

To know more about Volume Shaper 5, visit the Cableguys website.

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