Squarp Pyramid 2.0 Update – The Age Of Maturity

The Squarp Pyramid, a hardware polyphonic sequencer hand-made in France, was one of the winners of our 2016 Sonic Joy awards in the Best Controllers and Innovations category, thanks to its brilliant workflow and inspiring features.

For those not familiar with the Pyramid, we’re talking of a well-built machine, with great connectivity options (midi in/out, midi usb in/out, cv gate in/out, din sync out), a solid clock, a touchpad that can be used for automation purposes, a Euclidean pattern generator, MIDI effects, pads, assignable encoders and much more.

The company didn’t stop there though. The Squarp team worked hard to bring new features to its Pyra OS and we’re glad to see that they just released the long-awaited 2.0 version.

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What’s New

The 2.0 update is a major step in the development of Pyramid, especially regarding the patterns implementation.

In the company’s words, the update “is the final step for having the complete control on a set in a live jamming situation, and also to develop ideas in the studio, using Pyramid patterns as pages in a sketchbook. Now we reached what we wanted to create with Pyramid: an easy-to-use professional sequencer, full of creative tools, rock-solid from studio to live, with endless fun.”

Among the new features, the new Pattern mode takes the stage: each track can now have 32 variations with different notes, FX automations, CC messages automations, Program Changes and track parameters. Sounds like live jamming heaven!

Another helpful feature for live performers is the Step Mute, which allows steps to be easily muted in STEP mode.

Other features might look less exciting but are definitely a godsend: tracks can now be named (thanks guys!) and be transposed according to a master track. Also, the already existing Euclidean mode can now learn played chords and each track can store its own chord.

Last but not least, the 2.0 update brings also some display improvements, new settings, new effect parameters and bug fixes.

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Design Improvements

Pyramid looks even better now. The sequencer now comes with a brand new machined aluminium housing, more robust than ever, with a beautiful mat painting.

The form factor is the same, but the company replaced the plastic overlay with the new aluminium screen-printed front face, and improved the touchpad integration in order to make it more playable.

Moreover, the graphical display is now protected by a sturdy screen protector. There is no price increase for this new MK2 version.

Price and Availability
Please visit the Squarp website for more in-depth info on the Pyramid 64-track sequencer.
Pyramid is available worldwide for €590 / $660 / £575 (excluding VAT) from the Squarp Instruments Store.

We’ll have more on the Pyramid soon, stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out this YouTube playlist for some Pyramid binge-watching….

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