Pulsar – The New Blackstar Of The Eurorack World, From Qu-Bit Electronix

I don’t know what you make of it, but this is hands-down the most out-there product announcement we’ve seen in a good while (and we’re obviously hooked!).

The guys at Qu-Bit Electronix have just teased a new module, Pulsar, a “burst generator inspired by stars that output beams of electromagnetic radiation in space. Once keyed, a stream of triggers are dispersed across four outputs”.

I know, it sounds like Sun Ra meets Kosmische Musik meets Carl Sagan, but it’s not over yet. If you’re wondering how Pulsar works, well… “environmental factors like absorb and gravity alter the behavior of each burst and affect its movement through time.” Got it?

Is it just a (very) cool looking randomizer? Much more than that, it seems. The 14hp module features eight unique dispersion modes provide a range of stream types including euclidean, binary, random, and fractal.

Here’s a teaser video:

We’ll hopefully have more on this blackstar of the Eurorack world soon.

Price and Availability
Pulsar is available for pre-order, $289.

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