More CV! Audulus 3.4 Supports For Multichannel Audio/CV Output

Audulus LLC has announced the release of Audulus version 3.4 – a free update for all Audulus platforms (iOS, Mac OS and Windows) allowing users to access up to 16 audio and control voltage (CV) inputs and outputs through two brand-new nodes called ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

Previously, Audulus users were limited to two inputs and two outputs using the Mic and Speaker nodes. Now, with the ADC and DAC nodes, Audulus users can take full advantage of their DC-coupled** audio interfaces, such as the Expert Sleepers ES-8 and the Universal Audio Apollo.

This means that users can now integrate Audulus seamlessly with hardware synthesizers and analog effects pedals using their computer or iOS device.

Some examples uses include:

  • Sending and receiving simultaneous audio, modulation, and envelope CVs to up to 4 Eurorack filters for true analog filter polyphony
  • Clocking multiple Korg Volcas at different speeds or divisions of a master clock
  • Sequencing analog synthesizers with volt-per-octave (VPO) signals
  • Receiving multiple DC signals from hardware controllers like CV joysticks and ribbon controllers for ultra-high-resolution control over your digital synthesizers
  • Receiving, quantizing, and sending out analog VPO signals
  • Generating LFOs and envelopes of any imaginable shape
  • Using stompboxes on a send & return within your Audulus patches
  • Cloning, adapting, and modifying true work-alikes of digital and analog Eurorack modules
  • Generating quadraphonic or surround-sound-style effects for keyboards and guitar
  • Receiving an analog master clock and generating divisions, probability triggers, or Euclidean-style rhythm sequencing (or mix of all!)
  • Storing, recalling, and rapidly switching between different modular synth patch routings
  • Analyzing a guitar’s pitch and volume envelope within Audulus and converting them to an analog VPO and envelope signal
  • Using Audulus as a multi-effect rack with 4 mono inputs and outputs or 2 stereo inputs and outputs (with an Expert Sleepers ES-8)

These are just a few of the possibilities Audulus users have explored so far. To keep up with patches and modules using the new ADC and DAC nodes, sign up for the Audulus user forum and download and share your patches there.

An example of Audulus sequencing VPO signals and envelopes through an Expert Sleepers ES-8:

Users can also follow Audulus on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Facebook @audulus for tutorials, video clips, and sound samples of what the ADC and DAC nodes can do.

Here’s Audulus in action with the ES-8

Price and Availability

Audulus is available for iOS in the iTunes Store $19.99, and for Mac and Windows as well, for $49.99.

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