Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD – Modular Devices for Ableton & M4L from Sonic Faction

Sonic Faction recently released Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD, a collection of 20 enigmatic modular devices for Ableton and Max for Live.

This expansive pack includes all-new analog & digital oscillators, an emporium of boutique effects, mappable modulators and the Dope Sequencer for hands-on control via Push and Launchpad.

Synth Addiction
Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD includes completely reimagined modular analog and wavetable oscillators; each with its own dedicated filters, envelopes, FM and LFOs. New additions to the synth lineup include the Lithium feedback synth and Freak Mod FM randomizer.

Effects Galore
Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD comes with a plethora of boutique modular effects, ranging from modulated bucket delays and resonating reverbs to thrashing distortions and glitchy sound manglers. Chain them together to create hyper-dimensional soundscapes.

Major Modulators
Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD is all about modulation so we included 2 incredible new modulation tools that can be assigned to any parameter in Live. Curvature draws in custom curves for freaky automation and Super Slider takes step-modulation to new heights.

Control Matrix
The included Dope Sequencer features a Control Matrix which allows for hands-on navigation to any device in your rack via Push 1&2 or Launchpad Pro/Mkii. Evoke new sonic vistas with its full-featured pattern generator and unique channel Gate sequencer.

Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD features:

  • Completely redesigned analog & wavetable oscillators
  • All new Lithium feedback synth and Freak Mod easy-FM randomizer
  • Over TEN boutique audio effects designed for ultra tweakability
  • Custom modulator devices that map to any parameter in your rack
  • Step sequencer with Control Matrix for instant device navigation & tactile interaction on Push 1&2 and Launchpad Pro/Mkii

Watch the Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD promo video here:

Pricing and Availability
Dope Matrix: MOD SQUAD is available now for $69 USD.

For more information or to make a purchase, please visit the Dope Matrix: MOD SQUAD product page.

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