DIY: A Brilliant Portable Eurorack Setup + Arturia Keystep

How about a portable Eurorack DIY setup with an integrated Arturia Keystep? This is what Archi Ferrero Delgado, a DJ and producer from Spain, built and shared online a few days ago.

We thought it was a brilliant achievement, worth sharing with our readers. We asked Archi to tell us more about this work…

“I’ve always been passionate about electronic music. I wanted to buy a Moog synthesizer. I was undecided because I was also attracted to the modular idea of being able to swap oscillators, filters, etc without having to buy another synthesizer.
I was also keen on doing the case myself, soldering, cutting the wood, painting. etc. Being an industrial mechanic made the job very easy and the entire project was exciting. I want to thank the guys from Befaco because they helped me a lot at the beginning!”.

Archi used the following materials and modules:

Iron, wood, methacrylate.

Power bus Befaco eurorack.

Braids (Mutable Instruments)
Bf 22 (Befaco)
Rampage (Befaco)
Clouds (Mutable Instruments)
Crush delay (Befaco )
Wasp filter (Doepfer)
Disting mk4 (Expert Sleepers)

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