Arturia AudioFuse Is Here – Hands-On Control & Plenty Of Features

The Arturia AudioFuse is here, at last! First announced in 2014, the first audio interface from the popular French company is ready to hit the shelves.

We’ll hopefully be able to have one soon and we’ll put through its paces, in the meantime let’s find out more…

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What You Need To Know

Arturia AudioFuse is a 24 bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface, with 4 analog inputs (2x Mic/Instrument/Line – 2x Phono/Line), 4 analog outputs, 2 analog inserts (with reamping-capability), ADAT, S/PDIF, Word clock in/out, MIDI in/out. It also boasts handy features like talkback (with mic), 2 headphone outputs, speaker switching outputs.

It supports OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux (yep!), and four different power modes (including battery kits).

Last but not least, AudioFuse comes with a performance-friendly lid.

Hands-On Approach

This is not a me-too kind of interface. Even just looking at the demo units shown at NAMM or Musikmesse, what clearly stands out is the amount of hands-on control that the AudioFuse allows. There’s a knob (or a button) for everything, which considering the compact size of the unit is quite impressive. Also, no breakout cable (never been a fan of those!).

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Speaking of quality and sound, it’s too early to say anything. I know, this is their first audio interface… (add your concerns here), but Arturia people look confident about their claims.
In their words AudioFuse offers “dual state-of- the-art mic preamps with a class-leading >131dB A-weighted EIN rating give you incredible dynamic range and the lowest signal-to-noise ratio in its category”. Plus, each unit is subject to rigorous quality tests (it even comes with a test specification printout of your exact unit!).

Price and Availability

599€, available in the next few weeks. Not cheap if compared to many other products on the market (offering lower specs) and yet highly competitive (on paper) with quality offerings like RME and Apogee (somehow even with the KMI K-Mix).
Considering its strengths (plenty of connectivity, versatile features, hands-on control, form factor), I believe the AudioFuse can carve its own niche in the market. Time will tell. For more info, check the Arturia AudioFuse page.

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