Valhalla DSP Updates VintageVerb, Room and Shimmer

One of our favorite indie developers, Sean Costello AKA Valhalla DSP (see also our recent Eos 2 post), has announced updates for 3 of their most popular plugins:
ValhallaVintageVerb 1.7.1 has two new reverb algorithms. Chaotic Hall and Chaotic Chamber combine vintage-style digital reverb algorithms with sonic artifacts inspired by tape echoes, to create lush reverbs that easily fit into a mix. We’ve also added a new “dark” GUI option for the NOW mode.

ValhallaRoom 1.5.1 has a redesigned GUI. They’ve reduced the size, increased the readability, and offer 2 color schemes to choose from: Electric Blue and Old School.

ValhallaShimmer 1.0.4 has mono-in, mono-out as an option, as well as some enhancements to work with modern OSes.

The updates can be downloaded from your user account, and demo versions are available for anyone who doesn’t own the plugins but wants to try things out.

Pricing & Availability
Each plugin is available now for $50.

For lots more information on these babies, simply visit the Valhalla website.

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