Soundmachines Arches – Introducing The Next-Gen Tactile Controller For Eurorack And Software Synths

We met the Soundmachines team (recently awardedwith our Sonic Joy 2016 for their MODULÖR114 synth) at SuperBooth 2017 to see a preview of their next-generation controller, Arches.

Inspired by Buchla control surfaces and by Soundmachines own family of controllers, Arches is a desktop multi-surface tactile interface that will put you at the center of performance and that wants to be the ultimate controller surface for both Eurorack and software synth users.

In this extensive video, Davide Mancini of Soundmachines introduces Arches going over its many features and mentioning a possible upcoming Kickstarter campaign (we apologize for the low video quality, we experienced some technical issues but we hope the content makes up for it). You can now find more details on Arches here.

We’ll have more about Arches and Soundmachines, in the meantime subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Image courtesy of Soundmachines Instagram account.

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