One Synth, One Song – Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12

For the third installment of our One Synth, One Song (see our previous ones, featuring Dreadbox Erebus and Make Noise 0-Coast) I picked the Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12.

The Nyborg-12 is a hand-built monophonic analog synthesizer with an Oberheim SEM style filter (2-pole 12bB per octave multimode).
It has 2 oscillators, a sub oscillator, audio input, MIDI IN and THRU, and CV inputs. To read more about the full specs, visit the Analogue Solutions website.

The synth comes with a sturdy steel/aluminum case, and plenty of knobs.
I had read complaints about Analogue Solutions build quality, however, my experience with the Nyborg has been very positive. Built as a tank, no wobbly knobs, or issues whatsoever.
I would absolutely buy more of their stuff with confidence (if my bank account wouldn’t look so ‘meh’)!

Splice Rent-to-Own

Retro Look, Convenient Form Factor

The Nyborg-12 has a pleasant retro looking feel, which in my case was certainly a plus!
I loved the convenient form factor (I wish other companies would offer something like this) – the Nyborg-12 takes little room on the desk and is very ergonomic. What’s not to like?

Sound and Features

For those wanting to add some classic analog vibes to their setup, the Nyborg-12 is a great entry instrument. Pre-patched and so simple enough for a beginner yet with interesting features and full of character – its warm, snappy sound immediately took me back to some of my favorite late ’70s/early 80s electronic music albums!

To put it through its paces, I decided to create a full track using only its sounds.

Listen to Analog Sound Study 1 here:

The Making Of Analog Study 1

Despite its simple architecture, the Nyborg-12 is a pretty powerful little beast, capable of a varied range of sounds.

I started creating some percussive sounds (kick, snare, glitchy percussions.) and then moved on to some detuned ‘pads’ that provides the foundations of the track.

I then added some sort of lead sound and decorated the cake with some bleeps and bloops, because… why not? 😉

The intuitive nature of the instrument makes for a fun and rewarding experience. From snappy, percussive timbres to bold and warm analog sounds, the Nyborg offers plenty of sweet spots – it’s really hard not to come up with something inspiring or at least usable, just turning a few knobs.

I also used it to filter an audio clip coming from my DAW. That’s always a cool thing to do when using an analog synth with a great-sounding filter like this!

Some of the sounds were sequenced from a Korg SQ-1 (using the CV inputs of the Nyborg), others were played live via MIDI using the Arturia Keystep.

Splice Sounds

Worth knowing: the Nyborg-12 can also be used by MIDI and CV at the same time. This MIDI + CV combination proved to be quite helpful – I was able to run a sequence from the SQ-1 and easily transpose it from the Keystep. Bingo!

Here’s the song again with some footage of the setup, if you enjoy watching trippy YouTube videos!

Shaping The Sound

To add some ambiance and quirky treatments to the sound of the Nyborg I used the gorgeous and synth-friendly Eventide Space stompbox (plus some of the Eventide Anthology X plugins).

I also used the Noise Makers Tape One delay manipulating its delay time and feedback via MIDI with an Akai LPD-8 controller. Check out this little plugin if you don’t know it yet. It’s a bargain and an eye-catching one too!

Once I was satisfied with the mix, I ran it through the handy Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack to add a touch of analog-style glue and punch.


I hope you have enjoyed the Nyborg-12 Analog Study 1 track as much as I have making it – and go for this synth if you’re into this kind of sounds. It might be less affordable than other mass-produced items but you get a handcrafted quality instrument that sounds awesome and will last you a lifetime!

That’s all, folks. Stay tuned for our next One Synth, One Song installment!

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