More Than Nostalgia – PitchFuzz, The New Algorithm For Eventide H9

It’s always exciting when Eventide releases a new algorithm for its H9 platform (awarded with our 2015 Sonic Joy award).

PitchFuzz combines fuzz, three pitch shifters and two delays for an amazing range of tonal shapes. According to the company, PitchFuzz is more than a classic fuzz octaver.

“Our aim with PitchFuzz was to create a single algorithm that could run distortion/fuzz into Eventide pitch shifters and then into Eventide delays”.

Don’t mistake PitchFuzz for a simple nostalgia machine; it’s one of the most flexible and creative algorithms in the H9. With a unique distortion effect, three independent pitch shifters and two delays, it’s the equivalent of 3 high-quality effects pedals in a single stompbox. Guitar players will love this, and we bet it could prove helpful to synth players as well.

New H9 & H9 Core units come with a coupon for a free algorithm which can be used for PitchFuzz. Existing owners can purchase via the H9 Control app for $19.99.

Owners of H9 Max get EVERY new algorithm free, for life.

For further information about PitchFuzz, audio samples and some videos, visit the product page.

For more information about the H9 guitar pedal, visit the product page.

Here are the instructions to help with installing and updating, onto the H9.

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