Here’s Blackhole, The Alien Reverb From Eventide

The Eventide Blackhole is one of our favourite software plugins, and with its space-warping special effects and drones it’s a must-have for all electronic music producers.

This famed, massive reverberator first saw the light of day as an algorithm in the iconic rackmount DSP4000. For decades studio engineers considered Blackhole their “secret weapon.” More recently, it was ported to the company’s Space stompbox and became the go-to ambient effect for guitar and keyboard layers. With each new version the reverb has been refined and enhanced.

Just don’t expect the usual, boring reverb trying to emulate real acoustic spaces. Blackhole is all about creating and shaping new worlds of sounds.

The plugin is incredibly easy to use with over 50 presets, including some by Richard Devine, Flood & Alan Moulder, Vernon Reid, Jonsi & Alex (Sigur Ros), and John Agnello.


  • Supernatural settings for abstract spatial effects and drones.
  • Subtle settings for ambient washes and track highlighting.
  • Unique “Gravity” control reverses the arrow of time by inverting the reverb’s decay.
  • Mix Lock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the wet/dry mix constant.
  • Fully flexible mono and stereo options.
  • Innovative Ribbon control and Hot Switch allow for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously.


For more information, to listen to sound samples, or watch some videos visit the Blackhole product page.

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