Free Plugin ‘Built For ROLI Blocks’ – Learn How To Connect Lightpad Block to Mac OS X And Control The FX

Recently ROLI opened up the API of BLOCKS, welcoming the developer community to help build the future of BLOCKS.
This new ecosystem is growing nicely and Unfiltered Audio (a young but highly praised company – see our Sandman review) just released the first two plugins that natively support BLOCKS, Instant Delay and SandMan Pro.

What Does This ‘Native Support’ Thing Mean?

Basically, it’s about having a seamless plug-and-play experience when you connect BLOCKS with a plugin (like Instant Delay) in a DAW like Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and Bitwig. You just connect your Blocks via Bluetooth (or USB), enable a few settings on the plugin picking the parameters you would like to control, and voilà!

Splice Rent-to-Own

How Does It Work?

We created a quick video tutorial that shows you how to connect ROLI Lightpad Blocks to a Mac OS X system, to control a Blocks-compatible plugin like Instant Delay. In a couple of minutes, you should up and running….

The Best Thing? Instant Delay is Free for Blocks users!

Instant Delay (worth $49) is now free for all BLOCKS users (here’s the link if you would like to buy one), and it’s a quite lovely plugin for echo and delay-based effects.
It’s built with Unfiltered Audio’s “Modern Instant” delay mode, which among other things lets you create cool time-stretching effects and varying delay tails by shifting the delay buffer in real time. Filters and saturators let you dial up tons of tone and character.

SandMan Pro – Special Deal

As said, also SandMan Pro is natively integrated with BLOCKS. The flagship delay unit from Unfiltered Audio is stacked with advanced effects like stereo pitch-shifting, reverse echoes and frozen delays. It has a powerful and intuitive modulation system that lets you create and tweak any delay effect you could possibly imagine — in real time.

SandMan Pro is now available for $29 for anyone who has a Block. That’s a deal compared to its usual price of $99.

These Unfiltered Audio promotions give BLOCKS creators the chance to get their hands on $148 worth of top-quality Unfiltered Audio plug-ins for only $29. Both promotions run for six months until November 25.

Splice Sounds

Here’s another video demo, this time from ROLI:

Visit ROLI’s website to read more and download Instant Delay for free and redeem SandMan Pro for $29 (scroll down the page to find the info you need).

More Coming Soon

Unfiltered Audio will be re-releasing all of their plug-ins for BLOCKS over the next few months. Fault, Dent, Indent, and others will soon be plug-and-play on BLOCKS.

We believe this is the right path to really make the most out of Blocks’ potential and we’re looking forward to seeing more developers jumping on ROLI’s boat.

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