Exploring The History Of Sampling (VIDEO)

Speaking of music technology, sampling has probably been the most relevant innovation of the past 40 years.
From the revolutionary (and awfully expensive) Fairlight and Synclavier to the popular E-mu and Akai models (and all that came later), sampling has reshaped the whole music-making process in ways that would have unthinkable only a few years earlier.

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The rest, as they say, is history. And this history definitely deserves more attention and deeper analysis. This is why I found very interesting the (free) event held some weeks ago in London by Point Blank, in collaboration with Brownswood Recordings and Ableton.

With sampling as the main focus, attendees were able to get involved in a sample competition, together with artist workshops and a panel discussion.

Starting off the day, Chris Read from the invaluable resource that is WhoSampled.com gave a session on the ‘History of Sampling’ – who better to learn from for this topic!

Check out the session below and don’t forget to subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel to keep up with their latest artist masterclasses, tutorials and interviews.

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In the above video, Chris explores the threads of musical history, examining how even before sampling as we know it today came into existence composers like Beethoven were borrowing ideas and ‘remixing’ them in their own way.

He takes a look at the evolution of musical genres from Jazz and Rock to Hip-Hop and House, examining how each of these genres has borrowed from one another right the way up to where we are today and gives us some examples of contemporary musicians whose work has heavily relied on sampling.

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