Big Update For ROLI Noise: Export Loops, Sync Across Devices and Remix

At SuperBooth we visited ROLI to talk about Blocks, the recently released Blocks Dashboard software (see the video below) and to bug them about the limitations of their iOS app, Noise.

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We heard something new was cooking in ROLI’s iOS labs and we’re happy to see that the company just unveiled three new functions (Project Sync, Remix, and Loop Export) for NOISE.

Loop Export is the most relevant (and long-awaited) new feature. You can now start a project in NOISE, then export it to your desktop music software and take it to the next level. Check the video below to see how it works.

The actual export/import process is a bit limited (it’s not possible to select a single loop/part – everything in the project gets exported) and convoluted (it requires iTunes file sharing) but ROLI says this is only an initial release, so hopefully we’ll see some improvements soon.

Speaking of improvements: in my first tests I’ve also noticed a weird issue in the exported loops: the second half of each audio file is empty (basically you get an 8 bar file instead of a 4 bar one). No big deal, you can easily cut and remove this useless empty section of the file in your DAW.

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As for Project Sync, it’s self-explanatory. All your projects now automatically sync, so you can access them across all your devices. They also automatically save to the cloud, so they’re always backed up.

Remix: If you’re into, ROLI’s music collaboration platform, you’ll be happy to now that you can easily remix other users’ projects. Just download them and have fun remixing them!

We’ll have more on Noise and Blocks soon, stay tuned…

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