Audio Damage Eos 2 – The No-Nonsense Lush Reverb Is Back

Inspiring. No-nonsense. Intuitive. Charming. Affordable. These are the 5 words I would use to describe Audio Damage’s software oeuvre.
As you might know, the company has been somewhat consumed with making Eurorack modules, but we’re glad to see they didn’t forget about their plugin line – they just announced upcoming full version upgrades of all their current products, as well as a couple of new releases!

The first upgrade went online just a few hours ago, and it’s for the popular Eos reverb.

Wait, What’s Eos?

Eos is an easy-to-use yet powerful reverb plugin, first released in 2009 – an ideal option for modern producers that don’t want to spend more than a few seconds to get a killer Eno/Lanois/Budd-style sound.

The plugin features four (Eos 1 had three) high-quality custom-designed reverb algorithms. Three different plate simulators and a Superhall algorithm give you a broad palette of reverb, especially suitable for electronic music producers.

Listen to the album “Eos Demos” by Audio Damage.

So, what’s new?

As said there’s a new plate algorithm (always by His Lushness Sean Costello aka ValhallaDSP) but that’s not all. Eos 2 boasts a new appealing and easy-on-the-eyes GUI (featuring full Retina and Windows HiRes compatibility), a new platform-agnostic preset XML-based preset mechanism and VST3 versions.

Is It Worth it?

The answer is a big f****n yes! Eos 2 sounds great (but you might already know that!), has an improved no-frills interface and code-wise it’s as future-proof as it gets.

If you own Eos 1, the upgrade is only $10, basically a no-brainer.
The full price is $59, still super affordable. Also worth mentioning, AD plugins are DRM-free. You won’t have to worry about dongles or authorization centers. Just install and play.

To read more and buy Eos 2, visit Audio Damage.

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