Power Up To 5 Roland Boutique Boxes (Or Other Micro USB Gear) With myVolts Splitter

At ANR we love companies that make using our gear easier. myVolts, an Irish company, is one of them, as you’ll probably remember from our Volca FM special where we featured their handy daisy chain cable + adapter.

Now they did the same thing for the popular Roland Boutique line. Yep, with myVolts 5 way power splitter you can power 5 of them off one USB plug!

Powering these Roland sound boxes can be a bit tricky. Each takes 4 AAs, or runs off USB power – but what if you have lots of them, things can get messy, right?
That’s where myVolts canary yellow 5 way splitter can help.

The main cable is 1m long, and each tail is 0.7m. It comes with a 2000mA USB power adaptor – plenty of current to power 5 Boutiques BUT if you have a 2000mA or more USB power adapter yourself, you can just get the splitter cable on its own (or use it with a USB power bank with one port capable of delivering 2000mA or more, how cool is that?).

Last but not least, the splitter cable works with other micro USB gear too – Arturia Beatstep Pro, Android phones, tablets etc.

Price and Availability
The splitter is available for worldwide shipping from myVolts store at £10.99 (cable only) or £14.99 (cable + adapter).

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