Polyend Poly – Polyphonic MIDI To CV Converter Meets ROLI Seaboard Rise (VIDEO)

At SuperBooth 2017 we visited the Polyend team to talk about their upcoming products (Poly, a polyphonic MIDI to CV Eurorack module, and Perc, a MIDI step sequencer, previously covered on ANR).

Poly impressed me for its nifty features and straightforward approach, and I’m sure it will make many Eurorack users really happy.

In this video below you can see Poly in action with a ROLI Seaboard Rise and a Eurorack system. Thanks to its support for the MPE standard (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression), Poly proves to be a great tool to bring the powerful expressive features of the ROLI Seaboard Rise into the modular synth world.

The synth voices for this demo are provided by a Doepfer module (1 voice) and by the polyphonic Qu-Bit Chord (4 voices) module.

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Visit Polyend’s website to learn more about Poly.

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