Watch Touché Add Expressivity To the Arturia Matrixbrute – VIDEO

We previously featured Touché by Expressive E back in February.

Today you can see Touché in action along with the Arturia MatrixBrute:

It’s important to understand that all the sounds and melodies from this video (besides the drums) were made exclusively with a Matrixbrute and Touché. This shows a glimpse of the expressivity that Touché brings to Arturia’s flagship analog synth.

Touché’s built-in MIDI and CV ports lets you play with any hardware synthesizer.

Linking Touché to your hardware synths is effortless: Lié, Touché’s companion software, lets you easily choose the MIDI CCs and CV Voltages of Touché. You can even save different configurations inside Touché’s internal memory, and use Touché directly with your hardware, without any computer.

You can also get presets for the Matrixbrute specifically designed to be used with a Touché. These presets exploit the unprecedented potential that the collaboration between Touché and Matrixbrute brings, creating a bridge between expressive control and hardware synthesizers.

The presets are available directly from Arturia’s website.

To learn more about Touché and order yours, visit the Expressive E website.

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