Track Breakdown – Austen/Scott Share Their Production Tips

There’s nothing better than a track breakdown to learn new production tips and to get an insight into the artist’s creative process.
A few weeks ago we featured an inspiring session with Alluxe and this time we bring you the London-based duo Austen/Scott, deconstructing their techno single ‘Beyond Thought’, always courtesy of Point Blank’s masterclasses.

In the video below they discuss their studio setup explaining how sometimes less is more (speaking of which, you should check out our One Synth, One Song article!), as well as giving us an insight into their production process.

Austen/Scott guide us through every aspect of their track, from programming/texturing drums and writing basslines to using plugins and their mastering process.

If this video inspired you to learn more about music production, mixing, mastering and even the business side of things, you should check out Point Blank’s BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree.

For more information and to book a studio tour, contact their Course Advisors here or call 0207 729 4884 or, if you’re in the USA, give them a call on 323 282 7660. If you’re calling internationally, use the number +44 20 7729 4884.

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