Skoove Brings Their Piano Learning Platform On iPad

Skoove is a freemium (and previously browser-only) interactive piano-learning platform. We tested and loved it when it came out (see our Skoove review).

We just wished we could use it also on iOS (iPad + Piano = one of the best things since beer and pretzels!) The company said it was coming and here it is – Skoove just launched on iOS, available to download for free on iPad from the Apple Store.

Splice Rent-to-Own

The new iOS app works completely cable-free, requiring only an iPad and piano or keyboard, with a growing catalogue of over 250 lessons to choose from.

How It Works

Pitch detection and instant feedback
The cutting-edge technology in the app detects the sound of up to 10 simultaneous notes played on a piano or keyboard through the iPad’s in-built microphone.

The note that is played is highlighted on-screen as Skoove gently guides users to play the melody correctly and confidently, until they are ready to move onto the next step. If an incorrect note is played, Skoove will show users where they are making mistakes, and encourage them until they are ready to move onto the next step, adapting to the needs of each player. Working cable-free, Skoove’s audio analysis means that the learning process is completely wireless and works with every keyboard or piano.

Splice Sounds

Music Theory
Skoove slowly and unobtrusively introduces concepts without the student being aware that they are ‘learning’. Easy-to-follow, real-time sheet music is clear and simple to understand, meaning that beginners can pick up and read sheet music from lesson one. Skoove regularly adds more courses that contain its distinctive mix of popular songs, as well as the classical pieces, and music theory tips and techniques.

Composition and improvisation
Skoove provides the students with the opportunity to develop their love of music further, teaching a vast array of skills essential to any musician, such as composition and improvisation, enabling users to create their own masterpieces as they learn.

Price and availability
Skoove is available now worldwide in English and German.
Beginners, refreshers, and intermediate players can try it out with free lessons and upgrade to Skoove Premium to enjoy full access, one-on-one learning support, and exclusive content with new lessons and music theory tips.
Skoove Premium currently starts at £8.25 (UK), $9.95 (US.), and €9.95 (Europe) per month.

For further information, please visit the Skoove website.

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