Resomonics Reflection – Inspiring Tool For Soundtracks And Trailers

Resomonics is a fairly recent boutique sample library company, created by Steve Foxon, a British composer and sound designer.

The company might be new, but Steve has been working on audio dramas & games for over 15 years. He has composed music on audio for Doctor Who, Stargate, Warhammer, Pathfinder Legends, Deus Ex MODS and many more, with over 100 titles to his name!

Having composed a lot of soundtracks, Steve decided to develop his own sound libraries aimed at inspiring himself and other composers when writing. He draws on his extensive experience to design sounds to cover everything from a subtle underscore to driving action.


Reflection is Resomonics debut sample library for Kontakt and is designed to be an inspiring sound source and tool for composing soundtracks and trailers. Perfect for anything from a subtle underscore to driving action. It contains over 270 meticulously designed presets but also comes with a highly flexible interface with a multitude of tools for designing your own sounds, rhythms and arpeggiations.

The tools include various envelopes to shape the sound, insert and send effects, sequencers and LFO’s to create tempo-synced rhythms and an arpeggiator with powerful randomisation features.

In addition, up to 3 samples can be layered and mixed either using the included samples or importing your own. Each layer can have separate Amp, Pitch and Filter Envelopes, as well as adjustment of the Sample start position.

The included samples are exclusively recorded from an 80’s ‘toy’ keyboard and processed to get the best sound quality. The sampled waveforms have a lovely raw & imperfect character that gives a unique sound to the instrument. Some of the samples were also ‘mangled’ through various means to produce more complex sounds.

New Version 1.5

Recently released, Version 1.5 introduced a new intuitive interface, tons of new features as well as over 80 Raw Starter Patches containing 2 and 3 layers of samples for you to design your own sounds from scratch! These are an ideal starter point for those not comfortable with digging into the depths of Kontakt.

We will have more about Resomonics and Reflection, stay tuned. In the meantime, you can listen to the following demo tracks:

Price and Availability
£49.95 + VAT (a full Kontakt license is required).
To purchase and read more about Reflection, visit Resomonic’s website.

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