Fund The Automat Toolkit – Music Robots For Everyone!

Johannes Lohbihler has been working on dadamachines, a Berlin-based company, for more than three years now, and he contacted us recently to give us the heads-up about a Kickstarter campaign for the automat toolkit launching today, March 29th.

The automat toolkit is a plug & play MIDI-controller and accessories kit that allows anyone to build music machines using the real world as their instrument – enabling you to tap, move and bang to make sound with your environment.

How does it work?
The core of the toolkit is the automat, an arduino-compatible plug-and-play MIDI-controller with 12 DC outputs. The automat can be used with your favorite music software or hardware. The toolkit includes the automat and a series of solenoid beaters that plug into 12 outputs allowing you to tap, ping and knock on anything.

The automat is plug & play – offering unlimited possibilities. Simply connect your favorite MIDI hardware device, mobile music app or desktop DAW and trigger the actuators of your choice to create a composition.

Why should we care?
We find the automat toolkit to be a brilliant idea and we’re looking forward to putting one through its paces.
It brings together physical and digital tools for music making and it’s one of the first open-source and hackable music kits designed to be accessible for everyone. Plus, it’s 100% made in Germany (hear that, Behringer?). What’s not to like?

Music Maker Friendly
The automat is hackable in almost every dimension and 100% Arduino compatible. Thanks to the toolkit’s modular design you can extend the kit as needed. If you find one automat controller is not enough – chain them!

The board can be programmed just like an Arduino so if you want to hack it, no problem. With the automat controller, its easy to open the casing and extend its functions with Arduino shields and your own additions. To make it even easier – every controller comes with an extra port for extension modules.

The Best Projects Are Open
dadamachines wants to make music machines accessible to everyone. Just like the great people behind Axoloti, Bare Conductive, MeeBlip, monome, MusicThingModular, MutableInstruments we think the best projects are open.

Therefore, upon successful funding and after all backers received their rewards, the automat toolkit will be open sourced. You can find the repository which currently contains the Board Support Package for the Arduino IDE here.

(Lego adapter – brilliant!)

If you’re intrigued…
This is a terrific project, and we want to wish Johannes the best with his campaign.
If you’re intrigued, visit the Kickstarter page to get tons more information and see all the little doodads that come in the kit.
If you like what you see, support the cause!

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