8Dio CP70 – The Ultimate Yamaha Classic Stage Piano Emulation?

The Yahama CP70 was a unique “acoustic/electric” piano, very popular in the ’70s and in the ’80s (you might have seen it on stage with Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, just to name a few).
Watch a lovely solo performance by Peter Gabriel here:

Also modern bands, like Keane, have made the CP70 a centerpiece of their songs:

Splice Rent-to-Own

The CP70 is called an electric grand piano, even though it has hammers and strings, because it has a sophisticated piezo type pick-up system that translates the vibrating strings into an audio signal.

Now this legendary Electric Grand Piano has been sampled by 8Dio in such detail that you’ll never look for the original vintage item again (let’s face it, it wasn’t exactly an easy instrument to maintain!).

This video takes you on an exploration of the vintage CP70, check out what it can do:

8Dio’s CP70 contains both standard (Sustains, Staccato, Staccatissimo w/ RR) and a large assortment of prepared articulations (Ex. Plucked Strings, Picked Strings, Muted Strings, Harmonics etc.). All standard sustain samples were recorded with both pedal up and pedal down positions. Two types of staccatissimo were also recorded (w/ round robin) for fast playing styles.

The inside of the vintage CP-70 was opened up and recorded as well, plucking the tines and gently muting them for different types of sounds. There is a large selection of presets, which shows many variations of the instrument.

Splice Sounds

The library contains 8 different types of vintage microphones and 2 different types of world-class reverbs. The microphones includes Neumann 87’s, Coles, Neve SE Ribbon’s, AKG 414’s, Neumann KM 184’s and a mixed microphone position, which was made by combining all 24 microphones used in the sessions.

All samples were recorded through two world-class reverbs (Bricasti and TC-Electronics 6000), so you have the best microphones and reverbs right at your finger tips. The CP-70 was recorded with a 100% analogue NEVE Pre-Amp Signal Flow and further enhanced with a physical hardware chain, including Manley Vari Mu Compressor, Original Urei 1176 (Pre-Universal Audio), Original DBX 160, Neve 33609 Compressor.

The CP-70 includes full control over velocity response, tremolo and tremolo rate controls, resonance and release triggers, pedal volume, analog noise control and full ADSR controls. 8Dio Studio Vintage Series CP-70 is best described as the definitive deep-sampled Electric Grand Piano. Unique, Expressive and with a rich set of new-generation features.

Price & Availability:

The CP-70 is available now with a sweet intro-Price of $139 (rises to $199 on 3/22).
Visit the product page for further information and to make a purchase.

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