SoundGym v2.0 – A Revamped Ear Training Platform

We’ve talked about Soundgym (an ear training online platform) a couple of times in the past – most recently in November – and it looks like they are back with some new and improved changes.

Soundgym v2.0 presents a totally revamped audio ear training and learning platform. Get advanced audio ear training online, improve crucial skills, learn, share and communicate – on one personalized learning environment.

New on SoundGym v2.0:

  • Revamped friendly, supportive and competitive training and learning environment.
  • New dashboard that features training progress indication, leaderboard and stats.
  • Main feed that features SoundGym highlights, special achievement and news.
  • Members can open and manage public learning ‘spaces’ focused on specific topics.
  • Members can now set private ‘spaces’ for training and learning with friends.
  • Profile pages for sharing music, videos, studio pics and gear are available.
  • Members are now able to send each other personal messages.
  • Learning center that features the best curated educational content online.

Here is a video that explains how SoundGym works:

SoundGym for schools:
Soundgym educational plan also provides educational institutes a complete personalized environment for ear training, learning and communicating.

Plans & Pricing:
Basic membership is FREE and you can quickly set up an account here.

Pro membership unlocks the full training program, including more sound games, personalized audio workouts, focused training, premium sounds, and much more. Pro membership costs $14.95/month or $119/year.

For more information, please visit the Soundgym website.

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