Mixing With Ableton? PerforModule’s Back – COLLECTION FOUR


Over the last year there’s been an awesome set of Live packs created by PerforModule & released by Isotonik Studios. Each one has been massively popular with producers wanting their go to fix of instant gratification to improve their workflow…

The first pack of Collection FOUR was released last month, Bussification, a pack dedicated to working with Sends and Busses in Ableton Live.


The second pack is a return to the classics, Dynamixing ONE, the pack that kicked off the original Artificially Intelligent Racks specialised for Mixing and Mastering!

There’s a full run through of what can be achieved with this video, courtesy of Joshua Casper.


The DynaMixing series each contain Ableton audio effect racks which are specifically designed to give useful tools for the purpose of audio mixing. Here at Isotonik Studios you can already pick up DynaMixing Three, and DynaMixing Four.

The original “DynaMixing” pack was one of the first offerings at performodule.com and is now in legacy status. The main theme of it is “Ease of Use.” These effect racks are designed to get to your end goal faster, without having to muck about with tons of parameters.

Those devices have been updated and spruced up and a new suite of channel strips have been added based on the colours of the visual spectrum. This pack is great for diving into a mixing project without spending hours fiddling around.

As the pack is now the second in the fourth collection, the buy now links are live on the Isotonik website ( customers who’ve already bought Bussification should check their inbox for their money back upgrade code).

When you buy Collection FOUR you’ll get free updates as each new pack is released – there’s another Dynamixing installment along with PMX FX and Testy Mastering to complete the set which will represent a more than 50% saving over buying the pack separately!

Price and Availability
£45.00. More information is just a click away!

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