Inspiration & Techniques Of A Futuristic Electronic Music Producer – Alluxe

Laura Escudé aka Alluxe is an electronic music producer/controllerist who uses the most futuristic, hi-tech gear available.

She’s an accomplished violinist, music producer, composer, controllerist and music technologist as well as knowing Ableton Live like the back of her hand. As well as being a Certified Ableton Trainer and CEO of Electronic Creatives, she’s worked with some of the biggest artists around including Kanye West, Jay-Z, Bon Iver, Herbie Hancock and Drake to name just a few.

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Laura recently joined Point Blank for their latest Artist Session, breaking down her recent track ‘On My Own’ in Ableton Live.

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In the video, Laura discusses her inspiration for starting to produce electronic music –  giving the lowdown on her latest work as a producer and show designer, which has included collaborating with artists including Herbie Hancock and Kanye West.

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We’re given an insight into Alluxe’s musical background and production process, including her approach to programming drums and layering effects on vocals. Alluxe also sheds some light on some of her favourite production tools to work with, including software from Odesi, Serum, Native Instruments and Ableton.

You can download the Alluxe ‘Contrast’ EP on Bandcamp, or stream on Spotify. Don’t forget to to check her personal website and follow Alluxe on her Soundcloud profile to stay up to date with tour dates and latest releases.

If this video inspired you to learn more about music production, mixing, mastering and even the business side of things, you should check out Point Blank’s BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree.

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