Free STROBE2 Poly Synth for ROLI Seaboard Users!

If you’re a ROLI Seaboard user or if you’re thinking about getting one, the UK company has great news for you. Along with Equator, the free software synth that comes with the controller, now you also get STROBE2, the popular $179 software polysynth from FXpansion (see our STROBE2 review).

With a sophisticated analogue modelling engine, a superb effects section, an easy-to-use preset library browser and compatibility with Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) instruments, STROBE2 is basically a must-have for music producers. It recently became an even more powerful tool for expression after adding over 200 new preset sounds designed for 5D Touch on the Seaboard.

Watch the video below, and see how you can create incredible electronic soundscapes when you combine the expressive control of the Seaboard with STROBE2’s array of synth sounds and effects.

Listen to some of the 200 new STROBE2 presets designed for use with 5D Touch in this second video.

Here below you can watch an in-depth tutorial on using the Seaboard with STROBE2.

If all this makes you want to buy a Seaboard, visit ROLI’s web store to read more about it.

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