Elastic Drums 2.0 – The Age Of Maturity

elastic drums 2Just recently, Elastic Drums (one of our favorite iOS apps here at ANR) celebrated its second birthday and added a nifty sampler with a sophisticated loop function.

Today, Elastic Drum’s developer, Olive Greschke, announced the release of the 2.0 version with Live export feature, reworked audio record feature, Audiobus 3 support, a new “crazy” sample kit by DJ Elephant Power and more.

Elastic Drums In A Nutshell

For those that are new to this app, Elastic Drums contains six channels of high quality synthesized drum sounds, a step sequencer and 4 effect channels. All important control parameters are automatable. In short, the app is a joy to use for anyone into classic or experimental electronic music (see our Elastic Drums v. 1 review).

What’s Ableton Live Set Export?

After giving us the game-changer Link technology, a few months ago Ableton introduced the ALSExportKit technology, that enables iOS developers to create Live Sets within their app.

Here is a tutorial video how to use the new Ableton Live Set Export option

Blocs Wave, TriqTraq and Korg apps have been the first ones that implemented this new export option, now followed by Elastic Drums.

A Mature Groovebox

We’ll have a full review soon, but we can already say that with this version 2.0 Elastic Drums reaches its mature stage.
If you still think iOS music apps are just shiny toys, not ready for professional music production (whatever that means), Elastic Drums 2 is here to prove you wrong.
With its tried and tested engine, a cool sampler and integrated support for technologies like Ableton Link, Set Export, Audiobus 3, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Here’s the official demo for Elastic Drums 2.0

And here you can watch a video with the sounds and presets of the IAP sample kit by Dj Elephant Power

Elastic Drums is available on the App Store for $/€11,99. To import or record your own samples you’ll need to purchase the sample import option for $/€ 4,99.

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