Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Virtual Instruments & Effects

Psychic Modulation Phonec 2

Psychic Modulation is the brainchild of Jack Resweber, a New Orleans-based producer, artist and designer. The company creates VST and Audio Unit plugin synthesizers, drum machines and effects for Mac and Windows DAWs.

Psychic Modulation plugins are geared towards the experimental electronic musician or anyone who wants something out of the ordinary to use in their music. Phonec 2 is a perfect example of the company’s aesthetics.

Our reviewer was “surprised by how rich this synthesizer sounds, even double checking to make sure my Nord, which I was using as a controller, was turned down. The moment I touched the keys and sound emitted from Phonec I found myself wanting to write melodies and work on new tracks. PsychicModulation really tapped into a creative plane when putting this synth together.”

Phonec 2 is dripping with mojo and the GUI is well laid out and intuitive. Highly recommended if you’re into leftfield electronic sounds and cinematic/retro vibes.

Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Virtual Instruments & Effects

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