Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Virtual Instruments & Effects

The Best Virtual Instruments of 2016

UVI Falcon

Ok, this one actually came out last year but it was too late for our 2015’s Sonic Joy awards list, so here it is now…

UVI’s Falcon hybrid instrument is the latest incarnation of UVI’s ‘Engine’, a sampling and synthesis engine found in UVI’s Workstation.

Falcon is a comprehensive, one-stop solution for most sound requirements. As our review put it “If you can imagine a sound you can probably create it with Falcon”.

Especially suitable for the more adventurous sound-designers, Falcon’s sampling, synthesis and effects are all high very good and could be seen as an extremely high quality, high-level modular synthesis environment. Of particular note are: the slicing engine, the IRCAM granular oscillator blocks, the wavetable block, the Xpander filter – containing 37 Oberheim Xpander based filters and the excellent Sparkverb.

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