Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Virtual Instruments & Effects

Madrona Labs Virta

Madrona Labs’ latest plugin is a modular synthesizer and effects processor, suitable for processing voice and other sounds. If you feel hear some resemblance to certain sonic qualities of the KORG MS20 pitch tracker and the Lexicon LXP15 in Pitch / Delay mode, your ears are not lying to you. Randy Jones, the man behind Virta, spent many hours analyzing these classic units.

You can set Virta up as a basic vocoder. You’re not really using it to its full potential if that’s all you do, however. It’s a combination of vocoder and modular synth, and as such, the sounds created reflect that to more or less effect. There is no ceiling on the crazy sounds that can be brought about with a few patches.

Virta is of the same calibre as the other two instruments dreamed up at Madrona labs, Aalto and Kaivo. And aside from the similar heavy usage of CPU, there is nothing but creative things to be brought about with this instrument (and the price makes it almost a no-brainer!).