Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Synths Of The Year

Moog Mother-32

Moog Mother-32 review

The trademark Moog sound, a convenient form factor, some cool features and an inviting price point. Inspiring and well-built, the Mother-32 may prove to be a future classic.
If you can’t afford the crazy prices of vintage analog gear on eBay or don’t feel like starting your collection of Eurorack esoteric modules (yet), the Moog Mother-32 is one of the best things money can buy right now.

In our reviewer’s words “I am very happy with my Moog Mother-32; ever since I bought this machine, my other analog devices have had a rest, but I have not. In one way or another, the device encourages you to experiment, also in combination with other synthesizers, sequencers, effects and other gear, endlessly stimulating your creativity.

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