Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Synths Of The Year

The Best Synthesizers of 2016

Make Noise 0-Coast


2016 was indeed a great year for tabletop, standalone synthesizers. Make Noise (as you would expect from their brilliant Eurorack modules) came up with a unique monophonic synth, 0-Coast.

Designed to pledge no allegiance to either West Coast or East Coast synthesis philosophies, this compact gem gives you the best of both worlds.

Beginners can use 0-Coast with or without patch cables (as you would, for instance, with the good old MS-20).

The necessary connections have been made from circuit to circuit so it operates as an expressive, musical mono synth (it even has a MIDI input, so you can just literally plug and play your keyboard controller).

When you’re ready to start patching, the synth’s peculiar architecture might look intimidating at first. However, this is one of those instruments that can easily lead to inspiring ‘creative accidents’ (just make sure you’re ready to record them!).

In short, we find that 0-Coast strikes a balance between sound, versatility, and features.

Last but not least, the price point ($499 – slightly higher in €) makes it even more attractive to both novices and synth freaks!

We’ll have more about the 0-Coast in the coming weeks, make sure you sign up for our newsletter…

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Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Synths Of The Year

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