Sonic Joy Awards 2016 – The Best Sound Design Tools Of 2016

Audiofile Myriad

Myriad is not a new software, but we decided to feature it in this list anyway because quality products like these are rare to find.

Myriad is heralded as the ultimate audio batch file processor: the software helps to speed up the library process when it comes to dealing with large amounts of audio files (a common task for sound designers).

In our reviewer’s words “I very quickly used the software to take 20 pieces of music, edit start and end of track, re-title, convert the sample rate to mp3, add metadata, and upload to my company’s Soundcloud site. It literally took 45 seconds to drag the separate actions into the workflow, and click RUN. Myriad handled everything – and an hour later (courtesy of slow broadband) the files were available, titled and playable on Soundcloud. Brilliant.”

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