Sonic Joy Awards 2016 -The Best Fun Boxes Of The Year

Erica Synths Pico System I

We love the unique approach and the honest enthusiasm behind Erica Synths products. Recently, the Latvian company launched the Pico System I, in their words “the smallest modular synthesizer of its functionality.”

Pico System I mixes and matches selected modules (a sequencer, a Polivoks inspired filter, a sample player, a pattern generator, a DSP section, a mixer and more).

We find it a great choice for beginners (so they can learn the basics of modular synthesizers without a mortgage) as well as for more advanced users that want a self-contained, VERY compact system for a gig or when traveling.

The Pico System I is available for pre-order. We’ll have more about the Pico System I in the coming months, stay tuned.