Sonic Joy Awards 2016 -The Best Fun Boxes Of The Year


2016 a.k.a. the year when Frequency Modulation (or simply FM) synthesis became trendy again. The KORG Volca FM was a pleasant surprise for both Volca and FM fans. It’s a sort of DX7 in a (tiny) box – same 6 operators, unfortunately without the polyphony of the Yamaha classic but far more tweakable and fun to use.

If you’ve used one of its Volca siblings, you’ll know what to expect from the brilliant interface. Plus, you get direct access to some key FM parameters, an arpeggiator, a chorus mode, a warp mode.

If you’re into ’80s sounds & ’90s icy IDM (with all their subgenres), the Volca FM is basically a no-brainer.

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