Sonic Joy Awards 2016 -The Best Controllers & Innovations Of The Year

Squarp Pyramid

Modern DAWs are incredibly powerful but musicians are going hardware again. It’s not surprising then to see a renewed interest for hardware sequencers, like the Squarp Pyramid.

Pyramid is an advanced hardware standalone sequencer running a proprietary PyraOs realtime processing firmware and boasting MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and (Sync48- and Sync24-configurable) DIN Sync connectivity, together with a host of fanciful features belying its compact form factor.

One particularly noteworthy mention must go to the algorithmic euclidian sequencer engine available to each track to auto-generate atypical and rich rhythmic patterns.

Squarp’s designer said about the Pyramid “We felt that we had to create a machine that you could really feel — one that could satisfy any musician from any musical background. We wanted to have nice and playful controls, such as a multipoint touchpad, which was inspired by Korg’s Kaoss Pad and Kaossilator, and to be able to go from basic four-on-the-floor house beats to very experimental rhythms”.

We’ll have more about Pyramid soon but we think that Squarp succeeded in their endeavors, and the most recent software updates show that this young French company is ready to put itself on the map. Also considering the attractive price point, Pyramid should definitely be on your list if you’re ready for a computer-free adventure.

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