Sonic Joy Awards 2016 -The Best Controllers & Innovations Of The Year

Mod Devices Mod DUO

Mod DUO is a new software-based multi-function pedal, launched in 2016 by Berlin-based Mod Devices (actually an international team lead by the Brazilian-born Giancarlo Ceccolini).

It’s definitely an ambitious product for a startup company, but we’re all for customizable, affordable, space-saving options and the Mod Duo ticks all these boxes. Plus, it’s suitable for any kind of musicians, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, even singers (why not?).

Sturdy and stage-ready, thanks to its die-cast aluminum enclosure, the Mod DUO boasts Audio, MIDI and USB inputs/outputs and a modular design that makes it future-proof.

Join Mod DUO’s active and growing community. You can thank us later!

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