Rediscovering Iconic Bits Of Hardware – E-Mu, Casio, Ensoniq & More (VIDEO)


Getting some new gear is fun, right? Often, though, we forget about those instruments that may have passed under the radar over the years.
A recent series of insightful videos by Point Blank pays tribute to some of these iconic gems (from the likes of Casio, Korg, E-Mu, Ensoniq).

Splice Rent-to-Own

Sam Willis (Primitive World), also a Point Blank instructor, sits down in these four episodes of the series with Glenn McGlynn to go through instruments like…

The Korg Electribe ES-1, a 2000 classic sampler/sequencer, very much loved back then (and still cherished, by those who know it) for its edgy sound and its fun workflow

If for you the ES-1 is not really an ‘under the radar’ item, how about the Casio FZ-1, featured in the second episode? Manufactured in 1987 the FZ-1 was quite revolutionary, being one of the first pieces of 16-bit hardware. This along with its 8 voices, 64 sample memory bank, digitally controlled analogue filters and incredible price tag make this an unbelievably good value for money synthesiser or sampler. Even Aphex Twin is a fan, having used the instrument on Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2.

The third episode features another Casio classic, the RZ-1. Released in 1996 it had modest specs by today’s standards, but thanks to its lo-fi charm and an inspiring workflow it generated a cult following over the years.

Splice Sounds

The fourth and last episodes highlights two heavyweights of yesteryear, the E-MU 4XT Ultra and the Ensoniq EPS 16+.

Both in a rack and both quite expensive back then, these legendary samplers have dropped drastically in price over the years and are immensely powerful tools to have at your disposal when producing your tracks.

I bet you’re on eBay right now! Once you’re done searching for your favorite under the radar item, make sure to subscribe to PB’s YouTube channel.

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