Eventide Teases Structural Effects – A Revolutionary Plugin Technology

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Over the years, virtual instruments and effects have become much more refined and powerful, but it’s been more about recycling and fine-tuning old ideas (granular synthesis, spectral synthesis, etc.) than inventing new stuff.

Until now, that is – Eventide just announced they have something up their sleeves that will change all this. It’s called Structural Effects and it’s a new plugin technology that they will unveil at NAMM.

In the company’s words “Structural Effects is Eventide’s new patent-pending technique that can cleanly split a sound into its tonal and transient components. Each of the components can then be individually processed before recombining them.”

Eventide’s Tony Agnello added “It’ll be fun to watch as the industry grapples with something as ground-breaking and revolutionary as Structural Effects. The technique makes it possible to mess with sounds in ways that we’ve only dreamt of. In fact, we’re getting results from testers that defy our imaginations. We can’t wait to hear the sounds that artists and sound designers will create as they explore the new world of structural effects.”

The company has just shared a teaser video, which is…well, just a teaser:

I’m usually quite skeptical when I hear bold claims such as these, but given Eventide’s 46 years at the cutting edge of audio, I’m definitely all ears.

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