Erica Synths At NAMM – New Modules, Redesigned DIY Polivoks System and More…

The Erica Synths team is at NAMM and will be showing the Pico System I (one of our picks for our recent 2016 Sonic Joy awards in the Fun Boxes category), the redesigned DY Polivoks System and some interesting new modules. Here’s what they shared with us, in their own words…

DIY Polivoks System – fully redesigned and skiff friendly!

Splice Rent-to-Own

The DIY Polivoks System is a great-sounding 84HP two-VCO modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classical mono synths. This is not just a Polivoks clone. The guys at Erica have introduced numerous innovative solutions in each module to make it more versatile and to expand the functionality of the entire system.
Each module will be available as PCB + panel of a full kit, and it includes unique components and ICs manufactured in Latvia.

Release date: March 2017

Black Octasource
Black Octasource is the LFO carried to its extremes. It features one of 8 waveforms available on 8 outputs phase shifted by 45 degrees OR all 8 waveforms simultaneously on all outputs. Furthermore, waveform selection, phase shift and LFO rate are CV controlled, and the rate can be synced to an external clock signal.

Black XFade
Black XFADE is a high-end module for smooth manual or CV controlled crossfading between two audio or CV signals, essential for modular performances. The fade curve is calculated in a way that you do not lose signal amplitude in any crossfade stage, and LEDs give visual feedback on currently active input. When used with CVs, the module helps to come up with really advanced modulations. In addition, Black XFADE can be used to boost CV and audio signals.

Black Stereo Mixer V2 + PFL
Black Stereo Mixer V2 & Black PFL expander

Black Stereo Mixer V2 is just what you need if your setup has several modules with stereo inputs or outputs, like Black Hole DSP, Erica Fusion Delay, MI Clouds or some other. In order to save rack space, we designed a compact mixer with a lot of cool, performance oriented features: 3x stereo inputs with simultaneous volume adjustment on both channels; 1 mono input with CV stereo panning, 2 inputs with L and R channel merge feature etc.

Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is designed to work exclusively with Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer V2. Since modular performances are often about uncertainty, unpredictability and sudden filter resonance screams that can kill loudspeakers, it’s good to know, what you are about to fade in your modular mix. And this is where Black PFL Expander comes in! You can monitor each of four Black Stereo Mixer inputs or any combination of them before mixer level knob takes effect.

Splice Sounds

Midi⬅︎➡︎Clock module is an essential module if you wish to sync your modular system to MIDI devices. What sets Erica Synths MIDI⬅︎➡︎Clock module apart from the competition is that it works BOTH WAYS – it derives the analog clock from MIDI messages AND, with the flip a switch, you can turn incoming analog clock to MIDI clock and sync your MIDI devices to your modular.
For more versatility, the module can be used with several incoming clock PPQs, plus, divisions and multiplications of incoming clock are available straight away.

Fusion Box is the pimped version of their Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble module for desktop/stompbox use. It’s a full analog BBD chips-based effects module with built-in LFO, preamp with adjustable gain (the unit can be used even with guitars), 6,3mm input, stereo output, FX loop and effect bypass footswitch connectors. We wanted to set FusionBox apart from regular BBD effects in terms of sound quality, therefore we introduced sophisticated S&H circuit that cancels BBD clock signals, therefore output signal is as clear, as possible with BBD technology. FusionBox is a highly versatile unit that can be used with modular synths, guitars, all kind of synths, including Korg Volca series and Teenage Engineering POs, DJ setups to add analog feel and stereo image to the sound. FusionBox adds radically new flavors of sound to any drum synth – try for yourself!

Price and Availability
Please visit the official website for further info.

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