Sinevibes Releases A Major Update For Fraction And Launches New Year Sale

At ANR we have a soft spot for Sinevibes’ plugins (see our recent Sinevibes Shift review) and we’re happy to announce the company has launched its New Year sale: for 20 days, all of its Mac plugins and bundles are available with a 20% discount. The sale ends on January 10, 2017.

Sinevibes has also released a major update for its Fraction “audio slicing workstation” Audio Unit plugin for Mac. The new version features a big number of enhancements, including a redesigned user interface, reduced processor load, new presets, an all-new user manual – and more.

Here’s a little video to see what’s new:

Full list of changes in Fraction v1.3.0

  • Added new ring modulator effect algorithm.
  • Vastly optimized idle processing efficiency (up to 4x less load).
  • New, more efficient parameter smoothing algorithm.
  • Multiple minor user interface enhancements, including smoother lines, increased contrast and better visual grouping of related control elements.
  • New, visually lighter and more legible selector design.
  • Increased size of live waveform display.
  • Added “evolve” functions for gradual randomization.
  • Added new command-click and force-click shortcuts.
  • Added support for two-finger trackpad swipe to switch slice sets.
  • Fixed paste function pasting when copy buffer is empty.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between user interface and parameter interface titles.
  • Added new factory presets.
  • Completely new user manual.

Price & Availability
Fraction is available here for $55 until January 10, 2017 (full price: $69). Update is free to all existing owners.

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