Introducing Gridcomposer For iOS – A Nifty Experimental Sequencer

Christian Gwiozda, an independent developer from Germany, recently contacted us regarding his newly released music creation app. GridComposer is an experimental sequencer for the iOS platform.
The idea is to build custom patterns on the three grids.
Every grid is triggered from all sides by a rotating playhead. This results in a different short melody for each direction, and also depends on the created shapes.
The notes are automatically assigned from a global scale, so no musical knowledge is required to start playing.

The speed and playhead behaviour, along with the harmonic settings, can be changed in realtime to explore many different variations. GridComposer contains a number of pre-made examples and features midi connectivity via wireless network.

From a quick test, it looks like a perfect app for those into minimalism (think Steve Reich playing with an iPad).
Sure, I wish to see a more full featured MIDI section, more instruments and Ableton Link support in the next updates, but even as it is, the app is really well-designed (I loved the fact that you can change scale and key on the fly) and deserves your attention.

Check out this nifty video for a nice introduction:


  • Universal App for iPhone and iPad.
  • Four build-in, polyphonic synthesizer presets.
  • Save manager for compositions.
  • Notes are automatically assigned from a global scale.
  • Volume mixer.
  • Adjustable playhead for each track.
  • The musical scale, key and octave can be adjusted on the fly.
  • Advanced options to create custom scales.
  • Individual tempo and trigger speed settings for each track.
  • Reverb and delay effects.
  • Midi output via wifi connection.


Price & Availability:
Available now at the iTunes Appstore for $1.99 (USD)

Read more at the GridComposer website.

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